Aideen King

Marcello is a PRO. I love the song we’ve produced together. He has amazing musical talent … composition, instruments and vocally. He has a great eye for detail and was dedicated and passionate about this project. I would highly recommend Marcello and will definitely work with him again.

Adam N.

It seems harder and harder to find true professionals who not only meet expectations but exceed them. Marcello is a rare find and he took my words and the chosen track and turned it into the most perfect gift for my wife. Thank you so much!

Dean Gregory

Marcello is an outstanding singer and artist who goes through the extra trouble to ensure you have an awesome song. He takes constructive criticism in the right spirit and is frank with his opinions. It’s great to have a dialogue with an artist rather than just someone singing your song as a ‘job’. His ideas are interesting and overall it’s fun working with him. In fact when my audio engineer screwed up, Marcello even edited my track! Can’t wait to find another cool song to partner on! Cheers!

Jacob Pando

Marcello is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the right music goes behind your song or until you are satisfied. He is a very creative individual. He is truly passionate about his profession and he will make accommodations for his clients to fit their needs. I’d recommend him to anyone!”

Juan P.

How to sum up Marcello’s work? Professionalism, talent, creativity, experience, all together. Honestly this has been the most pleasant experience, we are amazed by the results, and he was lightning fast. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great voice, and a great guy to work with!

Doug Meadows

Marcello was killer to work with, super fast process! Great Ideas right away and was open to suggestions. Would definitely collab with again in the future!”

Mark B.

We approached Marcello as a top line writer to work on a vocal melody for a song that we were having problems with. We wanted a radio friendly, stadium rock approach and he absolutely nailed it! Huge catchy chorus and punchy delivery on the verse, all brilliantly sung!  Marcello was quick and professional throughout! Huge talent, Highly recommended

Richard L.

Marcello is talented beyond most measures of the word. He put up with me and my granular changes, was positive and professional and delivered an amazing song in record time. I HIGHLY recommend him

Don Bowles

If anyone has the patience to deal with picky pants clients, it is Marcello. He will patiently work alongside you and maintain complete professionalism. If the client is not happy, Marcelo is not happy, but he always comes through and produces a wonderful product.

Jonny S.

Marcello is one of the most professional vocalists I have worked with. He works fast, he is incredibly talented, and he makes the whole process so easy. Thank you, Marcello, for bringing my vision to life. I am so, so excited about doing loads more work with you again in the future!


I rarely happen to be amazed, but Marcello did it. The final result was so good it made me cry.
He has a rare talent and great professional ethics. I don’t know how he did it, but he read my mind. Made my song an emotional journey, now it’s more intense. I will never forget his helpfulness, kindness and support.

Lincoln H.

Marcello was a great find!
A great voice, great attitude, helped me with my needs, and most of all provided tracks better than I hoped for. And he did it quickly and, and made me feel great about working with him. I plan on working with him again very soon! Excellent!

Axel L.

Marcello helped me unleash the full potential of my song, delivering inspired melodies and lyrics that really made the difference. You could just go to the studio and record a decent song, right? But if you want an amazing one, call this guy!

Sasha E.

Marcello is all class! Very impressed with his work ethic. Not only is he an amazing singer but also a top producer with great organizational skills, imagination and integrity to give the client what he wants. Trust this man to take your project to the next level!


“Amazingly awesome”. Not only does Marcello have a fantastic voice but he’s also highly creative. Whenever I’m stuck for an idea or need help on a track, I turn to Marcello and he never fails to deliver for me; giving me not one idea but four or five great ideas. He never fails to deliver and consistently goes above and beyond what I ask of him.

Nico R.

Marcello is not only a great vocalist, but also a sensitive artist and a real professional. He painstakingly works on every single cue provided and he’s not happy with what he has delivered until you are. I was almost disappointed he delivered on time such was the pleasure to work with him…
Highly recommended.

Edoardo V.

Great voice, great efficiency, great professionalism, and great taste in music as well. i’m actually very happy with Marcello’s work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Marcelo is an amazingly talented singer! He’s got a great voice, and is very professional in the way he works and handles your project. I highly recommend him to anyone because he can sing in any genre, and is always ready to take on a new challenge!

Thanh H.

Marcello’s ability is outstanding. I am very happy with all the songs that Marcello has performed for me. He is a very talented and experienced singer. I would strongly recommend him.

Kitt Wakeley

Marcello is an astonishing vocal talent. His range and ability to convey the heart and soul of my song is amazing. However, what makes Marcello stand above the rest is his attention to detail and his patience with me (the client) as we went through revisions. He is an absolute professional.